Training tailored to your business

At CONSECAS, we consider training to be an essential factor in the evaluation, growth and organisational development of any company. The legislation specifies that employers are obliged to provide health and safety training to their employees, to make them aware of the importance of preventing hazards in the workplace and the measures that have to be adopted in this area.

When it comes to health and safety training, CONSECAS offers its experience and expertise in designing, planning, managing and teaching training courses for various companies and organisations. We offer the possibility of developing specific courses that are tailored to our clients’ requests, with the option of travelling to the company to provide on-site training.

Types of training that we offer

Classroom   |   E-learning   |   Blended   |   Remote

Types of funding

What will it cost me?

Programmed training for companies: (Discounted)

Through this initiative, training courses are funded by implementing a system of allowances in social security contributions.


Through subsidies that do not use the training credits of our client’s company and allow workers to get training at no cost to them or the company.

Private funding

Private capital is one of the funding methods that our clients can use to develop training activities, both for companies and for individuals.

We have attractive educational resources that we used in our training activities, especially tailored to our clients: Manuals, presentations, videos, exercises, etc.

Certifications and Accreditations

CONSECAS has numerous certifications / accreditations, including:
• TPC Professional Construction Licence for Metal, Glass and Wood.
• Dangerous Goods Handling Course for Dock and Terminal Operators
• Dangerous Goods Handling Training Course for Members of Port Organisations
• UNE 58451:2014 training for forklift trucker operators up to 10,000 kg
• UNE 58923:2014 operator training in the driving, use and safe operation of mobile elevating work platforms
• Tripartita Foundation. Our company is authorised by the Tripartita Foundation for Training in Employment to act as an organising entity that manages and provides training to its clients, in accordance with Act 30/2015 of 9 September, governing the Vocational Training for Employment System in the workplace.