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GESFORPAL is a company that specialises in the design, management, planning and implementation of training plans and projects related to human resources.

Staffed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience in managing human resources training and development, GESFORPAL has a constructive work model based on analysing and detecting the needs defined by the most suitable methodology. We also offer customised and effective solutions to optimise our clients’ human capital, a vital process for the advancement, growth and organisational development of any company.

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Our experience and our clients’ trust have made us leading professionals in the training and consultancy sector.

Human Resources Consultancy

Consultoría de recursos humanos

Human resources development has become a key factor in any organisation. Gesforpal analyses the employees’ competencies to ensure that you have the right professionals in the right jobs.

We develop a potential management system for the organisation which is capable of:

    • • Defining a job map for the organisation
    • • Identifying the competency profile for each organisational area
    • • Identifying the profile of the job holders in each of these areas
      • Designing the career path for each job holder on the job map

“… the importance of a good selection process”

Gesforpal offers its clients a staff selection service that is adapted to the profile of the applicant that it wants to recruit and to the needs and context of the organisation. For this purpose, we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals who specialise in defining job profiles, the recruitment process and the selection and assessment of applicants.

Gesforpal selects: directors, middle managers, technicians, salespeople, administrative staff, manual workers, etc.

Do we communicate properly within our company?

The goal is to develop strategies and create an internal communication plan, where all of the possible resources (formal and informal) are optimised to improve the environment, management and development of the organisation.

Is your team really fulfilling its potential?

Our aim is to maximise your team’s performance. The goal is to ensure that each member of the group identifies and develops their own potential and that all participants act in an integrated manner, sharing a single purpose: to achieve a common goal.

Gesforpal has a team that is able to study and analyse the client’s needs, to tailor the customised project to the conditions within the company.

Project management

Consultoría de recursos humanos

The consultancy department of GESFORPAL provides comprehensive solutions for companies, social agencies, business associations, etc. with advice, support and paperwork throughout the life cycle of projects.
We provide companies with a specialist in project management, coordination and justification to achieve the following goals:

  • High profitability
    • Highly efficient administrative procedures
    • Highly effective project management
  • Coordination of the people involved in developing the project.
    • Preparation of reports, coordination of activities.
    • Regulatory compliance, meetings and audits.
    • Eligibility of expenses and budget appropriations.
    • Administrative justification.
    • Modification of projects and control system.

Human resources training service…

We prepare your staff for the challenges that they will face, strengthening teams and making your company more competitive.

In GESFORPAL we have all kinds of courses designed for professionals, with the quality of the training activity management and teaching fully guaranteed.

The extensive professional experience of our trainers broadens and refreshes the knowledge and skills of our students, improving their professional competitiveness through a methodology which:
• Applies the principles of active and participatory learning
• Promotes the transfer of knowledge so that it can be applied to the real needs of the company and the job.
• Provides continuous monitoring and establishes assessment criteria that ensure the quality of the training management and teaching.

• Customised training for the company: we design, advise on and implement training plans that are tailored to the specific needs and context of the company.
• Open courses: we design, plan and teach courses that meet the training needs of various business sectors, offered to the general public, in set places and on set dates.

In GESFORPAL we promote various categories of training:

Classroom training:

With activities taking place in our facilities or in the client’s facilities, provided by specialised trainers through face-to-face contact between the trainer and the students.


Completely virtual remote training which uses a remote training platform for a teaching-learning process.

Blended learning:

This combines classroom and e-learning/remote training.


A form of training that does not require the student to be physically present in the classroom, allowing them to juggle their training with other activities. Our students receive study materials at the start of the course, normally consisting of a manual designed for self-learning, with practical exercises and self-assessment tests and content evaluation.

Training courses are funded by implementing a system of allowances in social security contributions.

The Programmed Training for Companies system governed by Act 30/2015 allows companies that are up-to-date with their state contributions to use part of the money contributed to the Social Security during the previous year for investment in training for their workers during the current year.

All companies have a training credit to fund their employees’ training. This is an annual credit.

This new model is perfectly suited to modern business and it allows companies to decide what training to give their workers, based on their needs, funded by allowances from Social Security contributions.

GESFORPAL offers a comprehensive service in which we manage all of the procedures involved in the programmed training of our clients.

We are also an entity that is registered and accredited in the training entity registry, enabling us to organise and provide training under this initiative.

Did you know that you can obtain high-quality training for your employees free of charge without using the company’s training credits?

  • We manage and provide courses through subsidies that do not use the company’s training credits and allow workers to get training at no cost to them or the company.
    • We also have a team of qualified professionals who provide advice and support to training institutions interested in applying for subsidies for vocational training for employment. In the following stages:

-Subsidy application, tracking of the application until it is awarded.
-Management, design and implementation of training plans through training programmes that include training activities that meet all sectoral and cross-sectoral needs.
-Technical / financial justification.

Private capital is one of the funding methods that our clients can use to develop training activities, both for companies and for individuals.

Improvement in the workplace…

Continuous improvement of training in the workplace helps to improve the competitiveness of companies.

Training available:

We offer quality professional training in a wide range of areas and sectors