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We are a nationwide occupational health and safety service. We coordinate the safety activities in companies, preventing any hazards and benefiting the health of workers and implementing the health and safety measures required by the current legislation.

We have developed our own work methodology to manage technical health and safety in companies. We provide an exceptional, personalised service, tailored to the needs and problems of each client and with continuous monitoring.

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Our experience and continuous monitoring make CONSECAS one of the most prestigious
occupational health and safety companies in the sector.

Occupational safety

Seguridad laboral

Our techniques and procedures are designed to eliminate or reduce any risk of work-related accidents occurring. Our technicians continuously support the companies in their activities and help them to prepare the most important documents required by the Health and Safety Act.

Prevention plans: Integration of the prevention plan in the general system of the company.

Design, development and implementation of a management system: Adapted to each company and structured according to your needs.

Occupational risk assessment: To estimate existing risks that could not be avoided, make appropriate decisions and new measures.

Planning for risk control: Based on the risks detected in the evaluation, elimination, control or reduction of said risk and adoption of measures by the company.

Performing procedures and instructions: Description of technical work instructions adapted to companies.

Accident investigation technical reports: Analysis of causes and adoption of necessary measures to avoid their repetition.

Development and implementation of emergency and self-protection plans: Organization of means and materials of the company to guarantee evacuation in emergency situations.

Planned safety inspections: To ensure that the equipment and facilities are kept in optimal conditions.

Coordination of business activities: Establish action guidelines for contracting services with third companies.

Availability of preventive resources: We have qualified technicians to perform Preventive Resource functions.

Industrial Hygiene

Higiene industrial

We perform all of the necessary assessments to detect or quantify any contaminants present in the environment and/or workplace, thus allowing us to establish the measures necessary to eliminate them or the protective measures required to minimise the risks.

CONSECAS has all of the resources necessary to perform assessments of any specific contaminants that may be present in the workplace:

  • Chemical: dust, fumes, fibres, isocyanates, etc.
  • Physical: noise, vibrations, lighting, heat stress, etc.
  • Biological: viruses, bacteria, protozoa, etc.

Based on these assessments, we inform the company of their relevant obligations and advise the client on the most suitable preventive measures in each case.


Ergonomía en el trabajo

In CONSECAS we analyse whether a job is suitable for a worker based on factors such as biomechanics and anthropometry, physical and mental strain and psychosocial factors, among other things.

These analyses allow us to assess all of the risks of each job and take suitable preventive measures to prevent ergonomic and psychosocial risks.

Our areas of activity include:

  • Ergonomic assessment of the job.
  • Physical strain from the job.

– Manual handling of loads.

– Repetitive movements.

– Awkward posture.

  • Mental strain, stress and other psychosocial problems.

After completing the analysis, the company is informed of our findings and we propose ways to redesign the jobs with the aim of increasing the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of the workers.

Health surveillance

Vigilancia de la salud

This discipline covers all health-related activities for each worker (individual health surveillance) and for the group as a whole (collective health surveillance) and it is designed to assess their state of health in relation to any occupational hazards, with the aim of focusing activities, preventive strategies, analysing each job and the specific medical protocols for the workers.

Medical examinations should cover the specific risks that the job entails for the worker’s health, one of the cornerstones of our services:

  • Personalised service
  • CONSECAS offers flexibility for the dates and times of medical examinations, to suit the client’s needs
  • Full laboratory tests
  • Specific assessments for pregnant women and highly sensitive staff
  • Fast report turnarounds
  • Possibility of medical examinations being performed by mobile units


Servicios de prevención en el sector de la construcción

In CONSECAS we have a department that specialises in occupational health and safety in the construction industry, which advises our clients (developers, planners, constructors, contractors, subcontractors, etc.), offering them the necessary service to meet the legal requirements, improve working conditions and reduce accident rates.

The services that we offer in this area are:

  • Health and safety coordination in construction works, during both the design and execution phases.
  • Preparing on-site health and safety plans to analyse, study, develop and implement measures to prevent the risk of work-related accidents.
  • On-site visits by our technicians to detect any shortcomings and rectify them before any harm or incidents occur.
  • Training and information provided to the workers on the site to ensure the highest possible level of protection.


Servicios de prevención en el sector de la construcción
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Technical Support

Servicios de prevención en el sector de la construcción

Since 2006, Consecas has been involved in various projects, performing the functions of Health and Safety Coordinators, Health and Safety Officers and/or OHS Technicians. During the construction, commissioning and operation of various wind power, solar thermal power and biomass power plants and during shutdowns in the petrochemical industry. This gives us the advantage of being able to provide a service that is based on experience and knowledge of the specific occupational health and safety issues that affect these types of facilities.

Others Services

Servicios de prevención en el sector de la construcción

CONSECAS offers numerous specialist occupational health and safety services:

  • ADR safety advisors for companies that transport dangerous goods by road. Complying with Royal Decree 1566/99 and the ADR, we offer external safety consultancy services for any company, whatever its size and location.
  • Expert’s reports on occupational health and safety for companies, individuals and law firms, to protect our clients’ interests. For this purpose, we prepare all types for reports:

– Expert reports for companies.

– Expert reports for individuals.

– Expert reports for lawyers.

For this purpose, we offer our multidisciplinary H.R. team with training and experience in providing experts’ opinions on OHS. They are able to provide technical expert’s reports in their various forms.

  • ISO 45001 is a voluntary standard that establishes the requirements for assessing and certifying occupational health and safety management systems, with the aim of gaining a competitive and financial advantage.

These advantages become clear when the number of accidents is reduced, allowing productivity to increase.  Therefore, through our technicians, CONSECAS develops and implements ISO 45001 in your company. This service is truly outstanding and brings added value to our clients.

  • Adaptation of machinery to comply with the current legislation (Royal Decree 1215/1997): we adapt our clients’ machinery that dates from before 1995 so that it complies with the current safety regulations. We examine the machines’ documents, check the equipment and submit a report and review the implementation of the corrective measures.
  • Work-related road safety, with mobility plans and specific work-related road safety training activities.
  • Technical support through OHS Technicians, Health and Safety Officer and/or Health and Safety Coordinators.

Among its services, CONSECAS also specialises in providing highly qualified OHS Technicians with extensive experience in sectors such as: the industrial sector, renewable energies, the chemical industry, etc.

We provide very specific services such as: Shutdowns in the petrochemical industry, in construction and shutdowns in the various types of renewable energy plants.